Epic Rap Battles of History: Moses (Snoop Dog) vs. Santa

This isn’t, strictly speaking, a Hanukkah video, but the latest iteration of Epic Rap Battles of History: Moses vs. Santa is certainly seasonally appropriate. The modern celebration of Hanukkah is very influenced by the materialistic orgy that is Christmas, and one has to ask oneself, is that the direction we should be going in? Is that what Hanukkah is really all about? That’s the subtext as I see it in this video rap battle between Moses, played by none other than Snoop Dog (!!!) and Santa Clause played by uh… who the fuck cares. Needless to say, Santa is fierce but he gets totally smoked by Moses. The voting on the Web site shows 70% of respondents declared Snoop the winner, handing yet another major victory to the Hebrews. We’ll put that award on our mantle over at the secret underground headquarters of the International Zionist Conspiracy, right next to all our Nobel Prizes. Ha! Screw you Santa.


  1. zlyiniedobry says:

    spoko loko szatanoko ];->