Jewish Federations of North America: Too Much Matzah?

Here’s how it works. Pretty much every city in North America with a significant Jewish population has a Federation. In theory, the local Federation acts as an umbrella organization – they do all the major fundraising and then take the cash and distribute it as per their funding priorities. That means cash to local charities that help the Jewish community and the population at large and in many cases, money is also used to support charitable projects in Israel and around the world. The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) unites most of these Federations and represents them and their constituents on a national level.

In this video we are asked “If too much Matzah is all you have to complain about this Passover, then you’re one of the lucky ones.” We are reminded that countless people will go hungry this holiday and that you can help those in need by contributing cash or volunteering your time. Hunger is a problem for poor Jews all year long and, as of this date, this video has received only 212 views – so while you’re feeling all warm and toasty, please remember those less fortunate – even with only a few days left in Passover. Share the video, look up your local Federation or visit the JFNA Web site for more info.