If you were cool, you’d know Riff Cohen

But maybe you’re just not cool. Or maybe you don’t know enough French to understand her lyrics – or both. Riff Cohen lives in Jerusalem and her music is a perfect reflection of who she is and where she’s from. Most of her lyrics come from poems penned by her Mom and the music itself is contemporary, cosmopolitan and Mizrachi inflected. I’m sorry you don’t know Riff Cohen. But you should definitely get to know her.

The featured video is titled “A Paris” (In Paris) and was shot in different immigrant neighborhoods in Paris. The video below is her latest, titled “Jean qui rit, Jean qui pleure” Which means “Jean who laughs, Jean who cries” but sounds like “People who laugh, people who cry.” Riff’s Mom loves wordplay – which you would know if you spoke French. But you don’t. You may notice the video was shot in Jerusalem. That’s because it is and Riff actually lives in Jerusalem. Imagine that! Both songs’ lyrics were penned by Riff’s Mom and you can find out more about Riff on her web site riff-cohen.com – obviously.

Oh heck. Here’s another one in Hebrew! The title is Rotza Prachim – I want flowers. Also written by her Mom…


  1. susana says:

    Nice video ! lol

  2. Dr. Denis MacEoin says:

    I am 64, decidedly uncool, and I think Riff Cohen is just about as wonderful as it gets. She’s alive, she bounces with energy, she’s beautiful (sadly, she’s married), and she (or her Mom) has a great ear for catchy melodies. I thought at first she was French, because she is the perfect young Frenchwoman, and was delighted to learn she’s Israeli (from an Algerian/Tunisian background, Sephardi or Mizrahi as you please). Of course, she’s also the perfect young Jewish woman. I wish her a great future.

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