Going to Mount Zion – Zvuloon Dub System

Lead singer of Zvuloon Dub System, Gili Yalo, was born in Ethiopia. At the age of 4 he walked through the desert for days on his way to Israel. Now he and the band are considered Israel’s leading roots Reggae band. They have opened for the likes of Barrington Levy, Alpha Blondy and Matisyahu. Listen and if you like, buy their debut album “Freedom Time” here or find out more about the band from their Web site.

I know what you’re thinking. “White guys in a Reggae band? Roots Reggae no less?” Yeah, don’t show this video to anyone that thinks Israel is an apartheid society. It would be impolite I think.


  1. Henry G says:

    Today on 9/29/2013 which is a Sunday, I was taking a stroll in New York City and I spotted a wild pack of Jews. These marauders were driving reckless down the streets much like the villains in the post apocalyptic movie “Mad Max”. My fear was not the indecency to the public that I witnessed, but how packed out the sedans were that these creatures of the desert oasis were driving. Not only is this a violation of state, local and federal law, but it is the fear that they strike into the heart of the German American man. In fact it was not one, two or even three cars, it was about 20 packed out black sedans. You must discipline these miscreants for they are much like that of the SS that I have seen, heard and read about my whole life. They are setting a bad example of the Great Hebrew Master Abraham and they should be ashamed of themselves. May god have mercy on their souls.

  2. DA JEW says:

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  3. jewtube says:

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  4. Ji Ji says:

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  5. Adolf Hitler says:

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