Lil Dicky Goes to Shul

Jewish rappers visiting a synagogue is not an uncommon thing. Drake did it in HYFR (Hell Yeah Fucking Right) and LD did it in All K. Of course Lil Dicky threw in some gang bangers munching on Matza and sippin’ Manischewitz and all kinds of serious Israeli-flag assisted twerking. And the lyrics? Mostly your standard rap posturing except instead of the dreaded N word we are treated with Kike references, both implicit:

You can find a cracker getting paid like a sedar
All day
Word up
All K
Whoa, afikoman in a flow, das a pro
Whatchu know bout dicky creamin up in hoes
No ho ho
Whatchu know about a balla
Born and raised on the kaballah
Tryna make a dollar, until I’m cakin and stackin challa

…and explicit:

Yeah, I’m saying
If they can say the N word
I sure as fuck can say Kike
Do something about it, pussy

At the end of the day though, Lil Dicky beats Drake for pure, unmitigated bad assery. At the Synagogue. Enjoy!


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