Edible Menurkah for Thanksgivukkah? Thanks MatzoBall!

We need more edible Jewish ceremonial instruments, especially when what we’re celebrating lasts one day and will not happen again for nearly 80,000 years! MatzoBall Parties are synonymous with festive goodness – Happy Thanksgivukkah! Visit Matzoball.org and get your tickets today for the Nation’s #1 Holiday Party – Dec. 24, 2013 – everywhere that counts. This video cracks me up. Thanks to Rabbi Neal Katz of Congregation Beth El of Tyler Texas. Tyler Texas is also home to Greenberg’s Smoked Turkey and thanks to Ayo of Jewrotica for her assistance as well.

Next big Jewish holiday? MatzoBall Party!!


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  2. Jewish Negro says:

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  3. retah reggin says:

    praise allah