Elana and Jamie’s 8-Days of Jerusalem Donuts: Days 3-4 – Holy and Roladin

You can tell now that Elana and Jamie are losing it. Barely halfway into their Hanukkah donut challenge, and already they are blending two days worth of donuts into one day – kind of like a lame reverse Hanukkah anti-miracle: There were supposed to be two videos, but instead there was only one. I mean, I don’t know what this “Holy Meah Shearim” thing is – I guess it’s some kind of bakery in the center of ultra Orthodox life in Jerusalem. OK, that might be cool. And then there is Roladin – for years now at the cutting edge of donut technology, in Israel, if not the entire world. Roladin alone can easily fill up a week’s worth of videos and is always the bakery to beat when it comes to sheer awesomeness. Instead we have this lame combined video. I’m sorry. Please direct your ire to Elana and Jamie – who are clearly donut addled and won’t get it together to do another video FOR SURE!


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