Jacob The Bar Mitzvah Boy Explains Hanukkah

Honestly? I love that there’s a recurring Jewish character on SNL other than Lorne Michaels, but the truth is, I kinda wanna kill that kid, what with his smug earnestness, Long Island accent and stupid jokes. But don’t tell my parents I said that!

Whatever. Here, in lieu of a blood bath, Jacob explains Hanukkah. Gah.


  1. grape tamer


  2. I WILL RAPE YOU ALL!!! <('o'<) (>’o’)> <('o'<) (>’o’)> <('o'<) (>’o’)> KIRBY DANCE!!!!

  3. jerry

    Halesdun freganbalker. You Damn jews, I wanted to make a website called jewtube except funny. haha lol what up stove
    Nice kirby Dance bro!!

  4. jerry

    Lil dicky goes hard though. Growing up in the 90s all day

  5. hannukah boy who is really a girl is so fuckable!

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