Jacob The Bar Mitzvah Boy Explains Hanukkah

Honestly? I love that there’s a recurring Jewish character on SNL other than Lorne Michaels, but the truth is, I kinda wanna kill that kid, what with his smug earnestness, Long Island accent and stupid jokes. But don’t tell my parents I said that!

Whatever. Here, in lieu of a blood bath, Jacob explains Hanukkah. Gah.


  1. grape tamer says:


  2. RAPE APE!!!! says:

    I WILL RAPE YOU ALL!!! <('o'<) (>’o’)> <('o'<) (>’o’)> <('o'<) (>’o’)> KIRBY DANCE!!!!

  3. jerry says:

    Halesdun freganbalker. You Damn jews, I wanted to make a website called jewtube except funny. haha lol what up stove
    Nice kirby Dance bro!!

  4. jerry says:

    Lil dicky goes hard though. Growing up in the 90s all day

  5. Jack Reacher says:

    hannukah boy who is really a girl is so fuckable!