Neurotica: Jewish Pornography

Written and produced by Matthew Brown and Brooke Schley, this video is full of all those Jewish stereotypes we love to hate – everything from the sex crazed Jewess to the “everything Jewish must include bagel references” motif. It’s schlocky (re-mix that and you have… Shylock!) but at times you see the potential there. The opening scene with the Starbucks sipping, Neiman Marcus shopping mamaleh and her Jewish accountant had some great potential. I’ll watch this video again just for that because the actors were spot on and the porno-parody groove was good. Don’t get this video confused with Neurotica which is a collection of short stories written about Jews an sex (great book, you should totally read it). The only thing missing in this clip was a pickle. How can you do a shmaltzy Jewish porno video and not include a pickle? How?


Category: Comedy
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