Rosh Hashanah | Dinner with the Judge

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Why do we eat apples and honey along with other fruits and vegetables on Rosh Hashanah, the New Year? What’s the significance? In this first episode, Rabbi Lankry presents a unique perspective of our traditions on Rosh Hashana and the power they contain.

Rabbi Lankry, who is a pulpit Rabbi from Monsey, NY, is clearly both funny and learned. This video makes ample use of green screens and the chosen backgrounds are, uh… trippy! And a bit distracting I have to admit. Mr. Lankry has a technically able editor, but the aesthetics take away from the effectiveness of the very important Rosh Hashanah message. I’d suggest maybe just listening to the audio. I was both amused and edified – maybe you’ll gain some insight too? I dunno. Give it a shot!


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