Simja Dujov Drops “Parties” from Paris

Simja Dujov is simply one of the more exciting and original Jewish artists performing Jewish music today. Sure, Time Magazine didn’t include him in their Rock Hashana: 10 Stars of the New Jewish Music – but Time is about as hip as Reader’s Digest. Or TV Guide, and their Reform Summer Camp inspired list is just as hip. Meaning, not very hip at all. And it’s America-centric, completely ignoring not only actually good Jewish music coming from the US, but also awesome new Jewish music coming from the rest of the world, like Europe, South America and Israel. But whatever. Any list of top contemporary Jewish music that doesn’t include Simja Dujov is as useless as a Ham sandwich in Me’ah Shearim. This video was shot in Paris and, like the best of that city, it is edgy, cosmopolitan and sexy. Enjoy it!


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