‘SAMUEL-613’ …the tale of a rebellious Hasidic Jew

A 23-year-old Hasidic Jew struggles to come to terms with the tension of staying true to tradition, and life as a young man in modern Britain, in Billy Lumby’s short film Samuel-613. Set in east London, Shmilu (played by Theo Barklem-Biggs) is already divorced, grasping to control his coming-of-age and a creeping curiosity for life outside of his insular community. Sneaking in porn magazines and chatting on Facebook to non-Jewish girls leads to a row with his family, and Shmilu finds his freedom thrust into his hands. All of life’s finest vices are ripe for the picking – booze and dating crumble under the weight of his lack of knowledge about topics such as Tupac and the ‘outside’ world that Shmilu is so new to, and he finds himself spiralling into the depths of excess with no sign of control. Dazed spoke with the director about going undercover in a synagogue – read the interview here.


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