Kosha Dillz: Super Jew

Matisyahu recently received a lot of attention after his anti-Semitic BDS inspired dis-invitation and then re-invitation to perform at a Spanish reggae Festival. Musician Rami Matan Even-Esh, aka Kosha Dillz was interviewed by the Jerusalem Post. There he talked about the sort of “neo-anti-Semitism Jewish artists like him face, despite the fact that there music is completely apolitical.

He often faces people yelling “Free Palestine” or “Allahu Akbar” at shows, as well as receiving death threats in the past. On his first tour in Europe, for example, Even-Esh said that as soon as he mentioned he was an Israeli American, one person he met kept mentioning that Israelis are Nazis throughout the conversation, though the man did not say anything directly against Jews… In November, his website was hacked by Islamic State supporters for three days, becoming what he called an “ISIS shrine” with the slogan “Death to the infidels.” … When the local news interviewed Even-Esh about the incident, he said they brushed off the claim that anti-Semitism was the cause for the hack. Some even thought it was a publicity stunt. People refuse to believe that anti-Semitism still happens, he said.

Read the article here or watch the video below.

We just had to post Kosha’s Super Jew Anthem on top because, ya know. Kosha’s a Super Jew yo! And I used to live in the Boston neighborhood the video was shot at.


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