Rowch: Deform – Live Drum Driven EDM

From Rowch’s YouTube page:

Ofer Bymel aka “Rowch” is a 1 man live drums / electronic act from Israel. Rowch works to create intense, high strung, and even aggressive bass music. He produces everything but the drums in the studio, and then plays them live on stage. Inspired by acts such as F.U.K.T, KJ Sawka, Pendulum, The Algorithm and more, and influenced by a wide array of musical genres from drum’n’bass, dubstep, glitch, trap, hip hop to big beat (to name a few), the core mission of this project is live music you can rave to. Using his 4 limbs to batter an acoustic drum-set and softly caress a laptop, Rowch gives a powerful and overwhelming performance. The show is a journey through live heavy bass music that always keeps you dancing and raving!

I don’t know who writes his copy, but Rowch’s music is both innovative and, you know, fun. The video was shot at the Haifa Casino, a now empty building in Haifa’s Bat Galim Neighbourhood, that was a hangout for British Officers in the pre-State era. No one ever gambled there. True story!


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