Foreign Media: Israel Sucks

This isn’t actually a foreign media report about Israel. But it could be. Sort of. It’s from an Israeli TV show called “היום בלילה עם גורי אלפי” – Today at Night with Guri Alpi (?) I guess. I don’t know. I don’t even have a TV. But it is kind of funny even though the drug references seem kind of gratuitous and inauthentic – trying too hard to seem cool and edgy. I mean, coke in Tel Aviv is both expensive and also really, really bad. The “correspondent” doesn’t come off as either sufficiently wealthy or sufficiently addicted to opiates to indulge in such a habit. Still, the video is funny so we’ll keep it for those of you who love Hasbarah talking points. Maybe now you can develop a sense of humor maybe?


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