BuzzFeed Knows Jews

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there’s no better depiction of the current American condition, particularly as it applies to young Jews, than the Jewish-themed videos on BuzzFeed. You don’t need to study Pew Reports, or run expensive surveys with fancy Brandeis Professors. You want to know what the kinderlach are up to Mr. Federation Man? Just watch BuzzFeed. Want to know what people think about Jews? Read the comments under the videos. Hint: There are lots of swastikas for some reason.

This clip? It just features your run of the mill bad Jew. He doesn’t know anything about the religion that he rejects anyway. He doesn’t keep kosher. Has he been on Birthright? We don’t know because he never mentions Israel. He doesn’t even eat lox for chrissakes! He’s not so much Jewish as he is Jew-ish – basically, he is the face of American Jewish Millenials.

Otherwise the video is unremarkable.


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