Israeli Teen Purim Party Anthem!

The video’s description is kinda funny:

Since less and less teenagers show up to the shul for the megilla reading, AMHSI students created a pop version of Purim story from its campus in Israel, in which U.S. high school students on a study-abroad program sing and dance the “Megillat Esther.” AMHSI offers 2- and 4-month-long study abroad programs during the summer and throughout the school year for students from all over the world to live in Israel on a high school campus alongside Israeli students experiencing all of Israel as their classroom. For more info, visit

AMHSI has been killing it lately with their viral videos. They’re not just entertaining but sometimes they provide nuggets of insight. I mean what’s up with that “less and less teenagers show up to the shul for the megilla reading” business? Don’t these teens have parents? Yikes. Remember how entitled millennials were? How the organized Jewish community turned everything upside down in order to accommodate their slacker narcissist attitudes? I have a feeling the next generation is gonna be something else entirely… In the meantime, enjoy their awesome vids and happy Purim!


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