The Schusterman Family Foundation presents “A Safer Seder”

Purim is over and now it’s time to prepare for Passover. As such, the Schusterman Family Foundation presents “A Safer Seder” – a video humorous video introduction to their Passover 2016 resource guide. Like I said, the video itself is long on humor but a bit short on actual helpful content – which is ok, I mean how much actual content do you expect in one-and-a-half minutes? For the record though, the inclusion of geffilte fish in this video’s Seder does not apply to our Sephardic friends who would, in all likelihood, return to Egyptian bondage rather than serve and eat geffilte fish under any circumstances. But once you’re done with the laughs, visit the Passover resource page for a series of Schusterman sponsored projects that are, you know, Passover related. There’s something there for almost everyone! Have a meaningful and Kosher Passover all y’all.


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