Hassids and Hipsters Need Aleph Male Beard Balm

Aleph Male beard balm is not just another small-batch, boutique-brand beard balm. It’s a celebration of Jewish sacred masculinity that hearkens back to ancient Jewish customs. The blends are also inspired by Jewish customs and essential oils with biblical references. Eitan Press, the founder of Aleph Male, is the passionate face and beard of the product and his hustle is epic! We’ve seen him pushing product on social media and in the Shuk where all manner of bearded individuals congregate. That kind of dedication to the grind is uncharacteristic for chilled out Nachlaot but the balm is pure Jerusalem. Interview brought to you by the fine folks at Jewlicious


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  • YourBooTheJew

    I really applaud what you guys are doing here. You are a real voice for the unheard jewish folk like us. My religion is honestly all i have and seeing all the work you put in really makes me happy. Have a good day and praise Allah.

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