A-WA Play at a Tiny Desk

Tiny Desk is an NPR radio show that features a quirky collection of artists who perform at a tinydesk in front of a smattering of NPR employees and assorted friends. The show is also recorded and really well musically mastered for rebroadcast on YouTube. This episode features Israeli band A-WA, made up of three sisters of Jewish Yemenite extraction, singing in Yemenite Arabic. Their songs are reflective of the songs sung to them by their Mother and grandmother when they were children, The sisters add a contemporary flair to traditional Yemenite songs and by singing in Arabic, they probably cross all kinds of bridges – at least judging by the inordinately positive fan response in the comments from around the Arab world. And added bonus? I assume most of you don’t understand Yemenite Arabic. No problem! This clip includes captions in English!


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