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It was date night and I was sitting with my cutie at Waffle Bar in Jerusalem, about to order dinner. As I was wondering what kind of Waffle Bar serves salads and pasta, this song came on the air. It was a middle eastern inflected cover of Guns and Roses seminal 1988 hit “Sweet Child […]

Tel Aviv Pride 2016

June 3, 2016
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Pride Week in Tel Aviv began on May 29 and continues till June 4 this year. Chock full of fun events, of which the annual parade is always the highlight. This year we also have an official Tel Aviv Pride video – Aerosmith’s Pink sung by Shefita who fully channels her inner Umm Kulthum in […]

The last time we featured Rotem Shefy, aka Shefita, she had done a brilliant cover of Radiohead’s Karma Police, combining middle eastern melodies and western pop. Since then, that formula’s kind of been her thing, touring in Israel she has regaled audiences with similar Arab accented covers like Pump Up the Jam by Techtronic, Pink […]