Boom Pam and Karolina cover Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog

Israeli artists Boom Pam and Karolina got together to do a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog. Boom Pam is a very cool, Balkan-inflected band that’s heavy on the horns. I’ve seen them live several times and they are big fun. Karolina is like an Israeli indie institution. From the days when she was MC Karolina till today she has been involved in any number of collaborations with leading Israeli musicians as well as pursuing her own eclectic solo efforts. From her work with Soulico to Habanot Nechama to Kutiman, Karolina is where it’s at whenever something cool is happening musically in Israel. And here she is doing a Mizrachi inflected Zeppelin cover, how cool! I remember the bad old days when Mizrachi music was looked down upon by the glitterati of Tel Aviv. Now you can’t spit in a live music venue without hitting a darbuka. Oh how the times have changed.

Oh and I like this cover a lot!


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