Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and talking about Jewish Food

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a Web series created, directed and hosted by Jerry Seinfeld. Each episode features a fancy shmancy vintage car, a guest comedian and a chat over coffee at a random café or restaurant. Currently in its sixth season, the show has been wildly successful, garnering over 100 million views despite the length of each episode. Conventional wisdom has it that the audience for online videos can only handle videos that are under 3 minutes. Obviously, that’s not always the case and when the content is sufficiently compelling, people will watch. However, there is always going to be that large, lowest-common-denominator audience with ADD, and one really can’t ignore them. As such, the producers of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee put together a series of shorter videos called Single Shots. These short, under two-minute videos touch on a single topic and are made up of previously aired clips. Given that this is JewTube, we’re obviously going to focus on the episode dealing with Jewish food, although I guess maybe we could have also featured the Hitler episode. Yeah. But no. Fuck Hitler.


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