Lil Dicky $aves Dat Money

Back in July we told you about Lil Dicky‘s upcoming new album and the sound financial advice contained in one of the tracks $ave Dat Money. When it was time to shoot a video in support of the track, Lil Dicky decided that, as a rapper, he was obligated to include scenes shot in a mansion, fancy cars, fancy yachts and fancy clubs. However, given the song’s theme of fiscal responsibility, he was going to shoot the video on a budget of nothing dollars. Thus, Lil Dicky went door to door in Beverley Hills asking rich folks if he could use their mansions in his video – he went to exotic car dealerships, marinas etc. and sure enough, he pulled it off – and this clip is the finished product! How can you not love this guy? You might take offense at his exploitation of anti-Jewish prejudices, but if you just sit back, shut the fuck up, relax and enjoy the song – your life will be so much better. For serious yo! And on top of everything else, there are celebrity cameo appearances from folks like Jewish comedians Sarah Silverman, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, NBA star Kevin Durant, DJ and Music Producer Dillon Francis, comedian Hannibal Buress, Dallas Mavericks owner and bajillionaire Mark Cuban (!!) and… Tom Petty (!!!). The video ends with shoutouts to those businesses and individuals who helped make the video possible. The cutest is “Mrs. K” who allowed her mansion to be used and asked only that people make a donation to Planned Parenthood. Others include The Study (Club) on Hollywood Blvd. in LA, Freddy Avila (Boats), Beverley Hills Lamborghini (Cars, duh), The Noho Diner (Open 24 hrs) etc. If you care there’s a pretty entertaining “making of” video that helps put everything into some kind of context – not only did the video not cost Lil Dicky anything, but he made $600 in product placement. Sheeit.


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