What Happens When an Israeli Moves to Berlin? Dirty Honkers: Party People

The growing number of young Israeli creatives moving to Berlin is a trend that’s been discussed ad nauseum. In Israel, we are always saddened when someone leaves us, and it’s especially biting when their destination was once the epicenter of the final solution. Where once you would be sent to a concentration camp to be gassed and incinerated, you can now get a falafel. So, yes, we’re well aware of the trend. But what happens to young Israelis once they get there?

One possibility is the story of Israeli producer/singer Gad Baruch AKA Neckbreaka who joined with Canadian singer songwriter Andrea Roberts AKA Screechy, and French saxophonist Florent Mannant AKA Flap Jack to form a group called Dirty Honkers. Since their formation in 2009 they have achieved enough success to be able to tour regularly on the European Festival circuit, and they are sufficiently Jewish to have played at the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow.

This video is not their latest work but it’s their most suitable-for-summer song. Electro swing woooo! Das ist gut – Certainly waaaay better than Kristallnacht! Welcome to Berlin Gad, thanks for the cool tunes. Oh, and your Mom told me to tell you she misses you.


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