Aryeh Canter sent us this video. Up until about a week ago, Aryeh was my neighbor. He was a fixture of the neighborhood and it seemed any time I’d step out of my apartment – there was Aryeh with a smile and a greeting. Now he left us to pursue academics in New York and I remember seeing him hours before his departure – he did not look so happy. But whatever – you gotta do what you gotta do and all of us look forward to his return. What a lot of us also look forward to is the coming of messianic redemption and that’s what Aryeh’s video is about. Canter tells us that he has always had a yearning for redemption. But as a transplant to the Land of Israel, he was confused about what was preventing the Jewish people’s final step towards freedom. So he figured he’d go and ask!

In this two minute film, Aryeh goes Tel Aviv and asks: What’s preventing us from welcoming Moshiach? See a range of the Jewish people tell their views, and reflect yourself: what can you do to help bring redemption.

Aryeh Canter is constantly striving to develop and strengthen authentic Jewish community. Born and raised in San Francisco, he gained an appreciation for environmental care and Jewish values. Moving to Montreal Quebec he studied Sustainability at McGill University. There, he helped run the Ghetto Shul- a student run synagogue. His accomplishments included transforming its purchasing policies to locally and organically grown food, and taking over its fundraising roles after the Rabbi retired. He then lived in Jerusalem, learning torah and organizing street festivals and dance parties. He now lives in New York City and is studying at Columbia in preparation for graduate school.


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