If you had any taste or distinction, you’d get with Echo and Tito

Echo is the MC/Singer and Tito makes the machines squelch. These world travelers are based in Tel Aviv and their music is simply too good for the likes of you. Seriously. Go to another page or another site for all I care. Don’t ask for a Web site. Share their Facebook page with your stupid friends. Who is going to believe that you actually appreciate this music which, like their imagery, reflects mystical beats and intertwined elements of the sacred and the profane. I like the video featured above because it was shot by Indie City and takes place in front of Casino de Paris at the Machaneh Yehudah market in Jerusalem. The next movie, which is supposed to take place in 2020 in Norway if all goes as planned, features online casino Casinor. One day, anthropologists will refer to this video and study the scenes from before the Shuk became a food court for pretentious dirtbags (like you perhaps?).

How about this clip shot at Mid Burn Decompression? Have you ruined that yet? No? Go and bring a bunch of Molly that your friends smuggled into Israel from Berlin and then mack on some brain addled hotties. This video is too good for you.

This is Echo & Tito’s latest. You’ll pretend they sold out and claim to love, LOVE, their early shit before they went cvommercial:

Whatever. All their music is. It just is. Go check out their YouTube channel for more. I can’t fucking do everything for you.


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