The Secret to a Good Rosh Hashanah Parody Video is…

…to start with a song that is actually good. Not merely popular but good. If you go with the popular songs you run the risk of someone else doing the same thing. Also popularity is just no guarantee of quality. Case in point, the UJS is a Jewish student group with chapters all across campuses in the UK. Their Rosh Hashanah parody video is based on Ella Henderson‘s Ghost. Ella was a contestant on X Factor UK in 2012 and Ghost was her post-X Factor debut – which went platinum! It’s an otherwise obvious choice for a Rosh Hashanah song because, river, prayer, duh! The video isn’t as slick as the vocals (sung awesomely by Rosie Cheyette) but I will play this at least 10 times over the course of the week because the vocals and the lyrics are so good and so different from most of the formulaic pap being produced for Rosh Hashanah – stuff that is, I am sorry to say, worst than the worst of Christian rock. That’s really bad. We need to step up our game Jews! We need music that is gritty, real and inspiring and not just warmed over covers. But don’t get me wrong. UJS did a great job on this one. Happy New Year Limeys!


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