Off The Top: S02 E01

YidLife Crisis is an improbable Web series featuring 2 Jewish guys, Jaimie Elman (Chaimie) and Eli Batalion (Leizer) from Montreal. They kvetch, kibbitz and pontificate – but unlike other shows about nothing, this one is entirely in Yiddish. Season 1 was a hoot and a holler and I was as surprised as anyone when the boys doubled down and began a second season with a 16 minute video! That takes some chutzpah – but whatever. The season premiere features Rosh Hashanah, a circumcision, macking on Jews for Jesus babes and a passionate discussion on what it means to be a Jew – punctuated by kosher samosas and treif bagels (there are no kosher bagels in Westmount – just sayin’) as well as a little weed for those wishing to get high on the High holidays. Our edgy local Jewish paper, the Canadian Jewish News warns: “…while the show is, in addition to funny, also insightful, and makes several valid points about religion and culture, it’s not for anyone who can be too easily offended.” Azoy! Now watch the video. And if you’re going to comment about the barbarity of Jewish ritual circumcision, please don’t and also fuck off. Nobody likes smegma.

This episode also features Abdul Butt from the CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes as an adult convert to Judaism. Also featured in this episode is not a single Moroccan or Sephardic Jew. Add an extra “Al Cheyt” to your Rosh Hashanah prayers boys.


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