“Why I am a Jew” by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

“The deepest question any of us can ask is: Who am I? To answer it we have to go deeper than, Where do I live? or What do I do? The most fateful moment in my life came when I asked myself that question and knew the answer had to be: I am a Jew. This is why.”

In this new whiteboard animation, produced right on time for Rosh Hashanah, Rabbi Sacks explains why he is proud to be a Jew and what it is about Judaism that makes it so unique. This passionate appeal calls on Jews around the world, from across the political and religious spectrum, to connect to their people, heritage and faith.

This video includes subtitles in French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Please click on the Subtitle option on the YouTube video on the bottom right.

This video was produced by whiteanimation.com / silueta.co.il for The Office of Rabbi Sacks. Learn more about Rabbi Sacks’ work at www.rabbisacks.org / @RabbiSacks.


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