Indie City presents Lucille Crew – Weight

Indie City does two things, and they do them well. First they produce video clips of Israeli indie artists performing in random places in Jerusalem. This allows them to highlight both Jerusalem’s diverse city scape and Israel’s broad pool of musical talent. Then they also run an annual music festival where many of the same artists perform. It’s a simple mission and a simple recipe but it really works. The videos are beautifully shot and masterfully remixed. Seriously, I really appreciate the quality of the production!

In any case, this video featuring Lucille Crew was shot in Kiryat Menachem, a mixed neighborhood made up of veteran residents and new Ethiopian and Russian immigrants, near Ein Karem. Lucille Crew is a Tel Aviv based groove collective that fuses elements of hip hop, funk and soul spiced by strong Mediterranean influences.

What’s even more exciting is that the Indie City Festival is just a few days away! It’ll be happening on Nov. 5th starting at 7:30 on Havatzelet street in downtown Jerusalem. 15 acts will perform on 4 stages – and all of it is free! For more info, and hilariously bad English translations see the Facebook invite. If you’re in Jerusalem, you gots ta go, yo! Maybe if I am in the mood I’ll post more indie city videos. If you’d rather not wait for me, you can check out Indie City’s YouTube page and gorge yourself in Jerusalem indie goodness.


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