Bint El Funk Live in Jerusalem [IndieCity]

Bint El Funk are a Jerusalem-based Israeli band/collective that performs in Arabic, Hebrew and English. They had a gig last night at Even Juke ( אבן / ג’וק) as part of the IndieCity Festival. The Festival was postponed because of rain but luckily Bint El Funk’s show wasn’t because, you know, indoors venue. Yay! Sorry about the video quality – I had to hold my camera by hand above the massive bopping crowd. The band is led by Shiran Karni on vocals. Shiran comes from a Yemenite family which explains the Middle Eastern inflected funk and Arabic lyrics. Yes. Jews in Israel often perform in Arabic and in this case Yemenite. Bint El Funk means “Daughter of Funk” and the band was formed almost 2 years ago. We look forward to hearing more from them – although you can certainly see more of their clips on their YouTube channel… and follow the band on Facebook.

Like what you hear? Help Bint El Funk produce their next album! Go to their Headstart crowd funding page and help them get the last few shekels they need!!


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