IndieCity Jerusalem Tonight Come Rain or Shine

It’s been raining in Jerusalem all day. Any rain in Israel is a good thing given how we’re usually this parched miss in the middle of the desert. It’s doubly good today because we’vr been hit by yet another dust storm – the kind where this fine sand gets into EVERY. THING. EVERYWHERE. The rain is supposed to wash it away I guess. Tonight, come rain or shine, downtown Jerusalem will be hosting the IndieCity Festival. IndieCity is this whacky project whereby Israeli bands are filmed, unplugged style, at different sites around Jerusalem. The IndieCity Festival will be made up of 14 bands playing on 4 stages and then an after party.

Here we have MALOX performing with Echo & Tito in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City. Tonight they will be one of the bands performing on the Heleni Hamalka stage. Fun! What? You want more fun? This is from Yemen Blues shot a year ago also in the Muslim Quarter – a more innocent time perhaps?


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