Jews Debate Jewish Christmas vs. Christmas (vs. MatzoBall)

The Jewish debaters in this clip are surprisingly passionate about their positions. Some Jews clearly suffer from Christmas envy and that’s sad. It’s sad because it’s not even envy for the Christian religion, but rather envy for the superficial and materialistic trappings of Christmas – said trappings, which include things like Christmas trees, baked ham, electric lights and Santa Claus, would be totally foreign, if not outright frightening, to Jesus the Jew, whose birthday is ostensibly being celebrated.

And lest you think those advocating on behalf of Jewish Christmas – that night of the year where the only things that are open are Chinese restaurants and late night movie theaters – are “better” Jews, well, they spend Christmas eating Mu Shu Pork and whatever treif chazerei they sell at said Chinese restaurants.

Clearly, the truly good Jews are at the Matzoball Party. Seriously. It’s tonight in cities across the US. It’s too late to order tickets online but you can still get tickets at the door. Go early though so as to avoid long lines etc. It’s the biggest Jewish party of the year! Go and have a great night with your significant other or perhaps, finally meet the love of your life. Or you can bathe your insides in MSG. The choice is yours. Either way, Merry Nitel Nacht! Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about.


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