i-Shiva Commercial

What if there was an app that could tell you where to find the nearest Shiva house? OK, let me explain. When a Jew dies, their closest relatives have to mourn for 7 days. This involves, among other things, being housebound for seven days in the “Shiva House.” Mourners are not supposed to cook so friends and neighbors bring food and shivas are often catered. Shiva houses are open to all generally, especially since mourners also need a quorum 3 times a day in order to recite the Mourners Kadish – a prayer for the dead. So why an app to find Shiva houses?

Apparently because of all the free nosh! You can literally walk into any Shiva house and pay your respects. No one knows you don’t know the deceased and when you’re done – help yourself to some snacks! As such, this app is ideal for foodies, the homeless, stoners with the munchies, you name it! This video was submitted by a JewTube contributor who wrote:

I made this i-Shiva video in honor of my father, Noah Firer, the mensch of mensches who lost a battle with cancer. He is pictured as Bernie Schimelvitz in the commercial. This video is the first comical thought I had during the infinite darkness following his death. I-shiva is not meant to offend or disrespect, but to uphold the longstanding Jewish tradition of turning tragedy into comedy.

I hear ya! Now pass the Pastrami…


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