I’ll say it: I Hate Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Congratulations go out to Rachel Bloom and the CW after nabbing 4 Emmy nominations for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: best choreography, best original music and lyrics (for the song “Settle for Me”), as well as best original main-title theme music and best single-camera picture editing for a comedy series. Sadly Rachel got dissed and didn’t get a nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, nor did the show get a Best Comedy Series nomination either. But still, 4 Emmy nominations is nothing to sneeze at. I still hate the show though. Is it about a woman who values love above material success? Or is it about a woman who has such little self respect that she ditches everything she has ever worked for in order to pursue a man who is both not so into her and not all that impressive. Either way, every time I see Rebecca Bunch do her thing, I want to punch my screen.

Still, you have to give the show props. It’s madly popular with a certain demographic who is “farklempt to see young, funny, Jewishly identified women” on TV, regardless of the character’s total absence of any substantial Jewish, you know, values. Maybe you’ve aged out of Birthright (but went as a madrich/a?), maybe you’ve dabbled in Karaoke and improv comedy and always had a thing for musical theater, maybe you too have seen your 20s and 30s slip away as you continue life unwilling to settle for anything short of your ideal (non-existent) partner? Maybe you too pride yourself in your none-the-less youthful knowledge of all things pop culture-related? I don’t know. There are many of you out there watching and loving this show. I don’t know what your motivation is. But maybe you really love her scathing Jap Rap featured above? It references Birthright Israel, AEPi, The MatzoBall a hearty “Sheket Bevaka Shut the fuck up!” and is peppered with Yiddishisms like “shande,” and “shtetl. Is this some kind of Jewish feminist taking back the JAP monicker?

Uh… maybe, if it wasn’t written by a guy – Zach Sherwin – of Epic Rap Battles of History fame. Oh well. Good luck with the Emmys Rachel!


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  • cub

    THANK YOU . i don’t believe in reclaiming slurs for reasons i probably don’t have to explain, and acting like we’re living in some post racial/post-feminist utopia where throwing away things that are still very much hard-won, especially in the name of a love-sop (oy) has me seething.

  • Anson

    You really should watch the newer seasons. I know this post is old, but it pains me that even one person thinks the show is bad for something that the show purposely wants you to think. The newer seasons go into much depth as well as completely undermine the prejudices made by come-and-go audiences who quit watching the show with the impression that this show is simple, sexist and cliched.
    My sister absolutely abhorred this show when I first showed her season 1. Then I forced her through the entire season, and it really began to pick up in season 2, and by the end of season 3, my sister was completely hooked for its relatable representation of mental illnesses, self-hatred, and the complexity behind love.

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