Jewish Christmas in Hollywood

This whole Jews eating at Chinese restaurants on Christmas eve thing is so common and so well established, that its become a veritable cliché. Single Jews can go to their local MatzoBall party, religious/kosher Jews can eat out at the same kosher establishments they always eat at, but for the majority of non-practicing North-American Jews out there, Chinese restaurants at Christmas is the thing to do – especially if you’re a family or a retired couple. There are of course endless jokes and depictions of this in popular culture – but it’s usually from the perspective of the Jews. This clip however, is shot from the perspective of the staff at the Chinese restaurant and it is very… revealing. Watch the clip and have a good chuckle! I know it’s an odd time to be posting about a Hanukkah/Christmas video but dang, it’s hot out there. A little of that December spirit is sure to relieve all that heat. Unless you’re in Australia in which case all bets are off.


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