Mark Wahlberg Swears in Hebrew

Mark Wahlberg, in an interview with an Israeli reporter, impressed her with his knowledge of Hebrew. Most of the words and phrases used were swear words but the reporter assured him that he now possessed all the Hebrew knowledge necessary to get by in Israel. Apparently he was taught these choice Hebrew phrases by Gal Gadot with whome he co-starred in the 2010 movie Date Night where she played his Israeli girlfriend. And what phrases did Wahlberg use?

“Ad Hachatuna” – till the wedding
“Tachzeri henna motek sheli” – Come back here sweetie
“Lech Tizdayen” – Go f_ck yourself
“Tembel” – Dummy
“Ben Zonah” – Son of a whore
“Chatichat Charah” – Piece of sh_t
“Shachta” – A drag, usually from a joint
“Kessef” – Money

Now you too can make Aliyah and succeed in Israel just by remembering this short list of words and phrases – Thanks Marky Mark! Wahlberg is promoting the next Transformers movie – available soon in Israel in 3D!


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