Toddler Running Jerusalem

There are so many different ways to experience Jerusalem. You can experience it through the bible, or you can experience it through the many books about Jerusalem, or you can do what countless pilgrims in the past have done and actually go there and experience it first hand. Sadly, that last option is no longer available given that international pandemic situation we’re in right now… so, as a public service, we present to you “Toddler Running Jerusalem” – this clip allows you to see Jerusalem through the eyes of a three year old running through the streets and holy sites of Jerusalem. To the tune of punk classic “Police on my Back” by The Clash. Classic!

This clip features the funky Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot, the famous Machane Yehuda Shuk, the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, the Kotel and Al Aqsa / Temple Mount. Fun times right? The combination of Jerusalem, a cute toddler and punk music cannot fail!


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