Spark by Ruvane ft. Kosha Dillz – Hanukkah Awesomeness!

Hanukkah is rapidly approaching and Ruvane, along with rappery Kosha Dillz, have released their song “Spark.” Spark? Get it? It’s release close to the Jewish Festival of Lights is no coincidence. Ruvane released this commentary about the song:

A single spark in a dark room. Potential, intrigue, hope…spark.

The United States of America was designed for, and is open to all who seek refuge, a future, and opportunities-no matter ethnic heritage, religion, or skin color. The US became a great nation by forging partnerships with unlikely allies, and by being a light to other nations- while being inclusive to those with even the most unpopular of ideas.

Chanukah, a holiday which celebrates the importance of a single spark of flame, teaches us that we too must be a light in the darkness. We should embrace those with different views and lift up the weaker among us.

As I drove across the US this past summer on tour, I saw headline after headline that shocked and disgusted me. Violence, rage, and fear became mainstays on the front page of most newspapers, as well as the leading stories on many news stations-no matter the political leaning.

The natural feelings of frustration and anger wouldn’t lead to restoring commonalities among our neighbors. Instead, I believed that there were fellow artists and musicians who felt as I have, that unity, strength, and kindness were required to rebuild trust in our communities . Enter “Spark”. I wrote and rewrote this song so it would be a message of light in the darkness. Nearly a dozen artists and musicians contributed to the recording of “Spark”, and more than a dozen volunteers assisted with the video. All involved shared the vision of being a spark in the night, a light in an increasingly dark world. We didn’t discuss partisan politics with regard to the intention of the song. We only shared a desire to repair the world in the best way we knew how.
Ruvane is a nationally touring artist based in Reynoldsburg, OH. @ruvanemusic

Happy Hanukkah! And enjoy the clip. Let us know if there are any other new Hanukkah tunes being released for 2017.


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