Natalie Portman Does it Again (Uncensored)

Back in 2006, Natalie Portman produced a gangsta rap video for Saturday Night Live. It was crass, shocking and a whole lot of fun. Portman always had this non-threatening girl next door kind of aura and her role in Star Wars and her graduating from Harvard made her the kind of Hollywood starlet that was safe for even the geekiest guys to crush on. All these perceptions were shattered when the first video dropped. In one memorable line, Andy Samberg declared “My dick is scared of you…”

Fast forward to 2018 and Natalie is now a married mother. Has she lost her edge? Is she less dangerous? Watch the video and let us know your thoughts. By the way, you can read about how this clip was produced at the last minute – in under 3 days in time for Portman’s hosting gig on SNL!


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