Coming Jan. 20: The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler

Is it really coming out so soon? Who really knows. Apparently a big chunk of the funding for this time-travel, kill-Hitler, Jew-porn romp is via crowdsourcing. The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler raised $123,598 on MicroVentures and $52,299 on Jewcer. I don’t know if that’s enough to get a full-length feature film done, but I for one can’t wait!

Adam Goldberg who plays the Hebrew Hammer has been tearing it up with haters, anti-semites and Nazis online since even before a date was announced for the movie.

Right, right. See, this is what I don’t get — they’re either afraid we’re taking over the world, or we’re these big pussies. So which fuckin’ is it. And that’s what I keep trying to confront — that’s why I like to confront these guys on Twitter.

Goldberg wants to do a podcast where he interviews these people in order to determine WTF is the matter with these folks – which sounds like a great premise and even perhaps a better idea than HH2. I guess we’ll (hopefully) soon find out!


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