Google Hummus API. Coming April, 1st.

Ok. We get it. The gang at Google Israel put together a video outlining their development of an API that will help Hummus eaters find exactly the kind of Hummus they want to eat. Real fans of Hummus know that there are all kinds of Hummus. In Israel the first line of division is Jewish Hummus or Arab Hummus. Arab Hummus comes in two main varieties, topped with chick peas or topped with fava beans (aka ful). Jewish Hummus comes with a variety of toppings – from ground beef, to sauteed mushrooms etc. and often served with a hard boiled egg. There are variations in the Hummus too. Some people prefer it slightly chunky, others prefer it silky smooth, others prefer it more or less lemony.

Humus is complicated. Obviously. But Google is there to help simplify the search for the right Hummus for you. Hah! Not really. It’s an April Fool’s joke. It’s also a CRAZY minefield. Anytime anyone mentions Israel on social media, the usual suspects get angry, but combine Israel and Hummus? People go verily kookoo bananas about Israel’s theft of Palestinian land, culture AND food! So, watch the video, but don’t miss the comments. DO. NOT. MISS. THE. BUTTHURT. COMMENTS.

April ful. Ha ha ha ha.


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