Israelis Can’t Dunk. Even when they aren’t Israelis

This Israeli dunk contest video is kind of embarrassing. These are the best dunkers in the Israeli professional basketball league competing for what looks like the shittiest trophy in the world and $1,500. About that trophy? It seriously looks like it was produced by 3rd graders in a remedial arts and crafts class. Also making an appearance were the Winner mascots. Winner is Israel’s state lottery company and is more appropriately called “Loser” as they typically target low income neighborhoods and individuals and then use the money to build theaters and cultural venues rarely used by said low income folks. Hence they look like unemployed hipsters. What? But back to the dunkers – most of them are Americans who are former NBA athletes past their prime of College players who couldn’t make it into the NBA. Pretty much none of them are actual Israelis. If actual Israelis were featured, this entire spectacle would be even more embarrassing. Their dunking skills are definitely better than mine, but in the context of YouTube they suck. And YouTuber Troydan’s comments just add to the general sense of bewilderment regarding this clip – like, why am I watching this? Why? Because it’s so bad. I expect better from the country that invented cherry tomatoes.


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