Mikey Pauker’s “RISE”

For those of you who attended any of the legendary Jewlicious Festivals, Mikey Pauker’s voice and grooves are quite familiar. He recently dropped this clip “Rise” – a song off of his new album “Ascension” and it’s been getting quite a bit of traction. Witness this fawning article in the Times of Israel:

With rock and reggae beats, the album was recorded in raw, live instrumental sessions, a departure from Pauker’s more typical electronic recordings of the past. Songs “Say Yes” and “I Am” lure in listeners with catchy melodic hooks, while other songs such as “Believe” remind listeners that tragedies like the recent California wildfires and the hurricanes that swept Texas and Florida are an opportunity to rebalance our relationship with nature.

“Ascension” is Pauker’s fifth album. He’s shared the stage with artists including Local Natives, Matisyahu, Kosha Dillz, Trevor Hall, the Polish Ambassador, MC Yogi, and more, and has performed at music, yoga, and new agey festivals such as SXSW in Austin, Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree, and Lucidity in Santa Barbara.

But while Pauker may blend in with the new age scene, he calls upon ancient Jewish wisdom and attempts to reconcile in his music his own contemporary experience of life in the context of Jewish spirituality and ritual.

You can get the lowdown on Mikey by visiting his Web site, where you can find tour dates, more video clips and all kinds of cool stuff. Check it out!


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