Chinese Love the Jews. Apparently.

We know that the Jews just can’t get enough of Chinese food. Every Christmas Eve, whatever Jews aren’t at the Matzo Ball party, they are at a Chinese restaurant fressing up a storm. Many special occasions are also marked with a visit to the local Chinese restaurant – graduations, visits from distant relatives, Yom Kippur dinner etc. But did you know that many Chinese people also love the Jews? And not for their cuisine.

Apparently, there’s a whole cottage industry of Chinese writers dishing Jewish Talmudic secrets to wealth and success. The Chinese lap it up and buy these books because they really respect the financial wealth, success, power and emphasis on education that the Jews seem to manifest.

OK, so it’s all a bunch of nonsense. There are no Talmudic secrets to wealth and success. Ours is a jealous God and all he wants is that we follow him faithfully and without reservation. Also, there are heaps of poor, unsuccessful Jews. But please don’t tell the Chinese. We need all the friends we can get.

Anyway, this video outlines why the Chinese fetishize the Jews. It’s both fun and interesting and told from the perspective of a white guy from New York who married a Chinese woman, much to the chagrin of her parents who discovered that he wasn’t actually Jewish. Yikes!


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