Perks Of Dating THIS Jewish Girl

She’s a shmoozer. She loves to feed you. She’s direct. She’s not a pushover, etc. This clickbaity BuzzFeed video clip titled “Perks Of Dating A Jewish Girl,” purports to let those who care, know about all the awesome Jewy benefits of dating a Jewish girl. Any Jewish girl. I am fairly sure I have heard my girlfriend tell me that some of her other Jewish girlfriends make use of services similar to reverse phone lookup because they love to do their research. As if they are a homogeneous group that are all the same. So, it’s kind of funny but a bit offensive and totally inaccurate. Like, if you don’t really know Jewish women and are contemplating dating one and think that the Jewish woman depicted in this video is typical… well, you’re likely to be sorely disappointed. Also, if you base your life choices on BuzzFeed videos then you have more serious problems…


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