Israel We Go Hard

Meet Ben Blackwell, a member of Israel’s 5,000 strong Black Hebrew community. When the Black Hebrews first came to Israel in 1969, relations between them and Israel were often contentious. The Black Hebrews immigrated to Israel illegally and their leadership was often theologically hostile to the Jewish people. Since then however, the Black Hebrew community centered mostly in and near Dimona, has become an almost integral part of the Jewish state with members being granted residency and citizenship and permission to join the IDF. The community, often perceived as an urban kibbutz, is distinguished by its vegan diet and musical skills. Ben Blackwell is one of the noteworthy talents to have emerged from the Black Hebrew community and Israel We Go Hard is the anthem that reflects the community’s evolution.

I’m actually kind of surprised that this song hasn’t received the attention I feel it merits – it’s really anthemic – but maybe we can do a little something, something to change that, right?


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