Boom Pam and Kutiman Rock Poland

Israeli Balkan rockers Boom Pam and Youtube sensation Kutiman who we’ve featured here before, joined forces for a set at the 23rd Annual Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, Poland. This and other Jewish related cultural events are funny because they are very well attended despite the fact that there are pretty much no live Jews left in Poland – ok maybe 2000 or so, but that’s it – and when you watch this video, check out the people doing the Horah. No one in Israel would do that at a Boom Pam or Kutiman show and those people in Krakow? I guarantee they are not Jews. Weird right? But apparently it’s cool to be kosher in Krakow – not so much in Poland whose Parliament failed to overturn a law banning kosher slaughter – but still, while the vast majority of Krakow’s Jews were murdered by Nazis and their local allies, the Jewish Quarter was left intact. Now you can eat at a whole host of (unkosher) Jewish restaurants, listen to music by buskers dressed as old timey Jews (who are mostly not Jews at all) and enjoy the annual Jew Fest. So, yeah, good times!


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