Lil Dicky vs. (Fuck) Hitler

Lil Dicky. Oh Lil Dicky. You may not know who this kike from the suburbs of Philly is, yet, but I’m sure you will. This video, titled “Jewish Flow,” where he has a sort of rap battle with Hitler, beats some SS thugs in a game of 2 on 1 playground basketball, frolics with a Fraulein, gets baked using a gas mask while talking about Auschwitz and fires off some of the most outrageous, hilariously ass kicking, offensive, stupid and inspiring lyrics I have heard from a Jew in a long time… I’ve heard his other stuff. This guy knows what he’s doing. From his one blog post:

If rappers get to say the N word every other line, I’m saying kike. If they get to rap explicitly about fucking girls, I’m rapping explicitly about my sexual experiences, which are too often tales of premature ejaculation, or just straight up masturbation… I can’t talk about fucking chicks and getting high in the club (do black people really get to smoke weed and have sex in their clubs? That sounds amazing), but I can certainly speak to how horrible it is to have to approach girls with nothing to say, getting too drunk to compensate, and eventually leaving angry, hungry, and alone

I’d say he was the Larry David of Rap, but really? Larry David is shit compared to this kid. Except for the Palestine Chicken episode. That was epic. So yeah, bottom line? A Jew rapper, doing a Jewy themed rap that won’t make you cringe because it’s shmaltzy. It will however make you cringe because it’s so over the top bad ass. Go L’il Dicky!


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